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What Age can I Bring My Dog to Training Classes?

Once your puppy has had its initial inoculations and your vet has said that your dog can go out, it is best to take you’re puppy out and gradually introduce him to the big wide world.  It’s best to do this initially in quiet areas and slowly build up to busy places. Be careful when you approach other dogs that they are ‘puppy friendly ‘ and be aware of dogs that may just run up to your puppy as he may get a fright and won’t know how to deal with such a situation.


What Age Can I Let My Puppy Off the Lead?

Age is not really a factor in when you can let your puppy off the lead. To be confident in letting your dog off the lead you MUST have a good recall, that is to say your dog must come to you when he is called in any situation. Your dog should also be sociable, that is to say it will not harm themselves or other dogs when it is off the lead.

A shy dog will bolt if it is off the lead when it is frightened and it may run away, this is one reason why it is important to have a good recall before letting the dog off the lead.


Why Should I Take My Dog to Puppy Classes?

All dogs benefit from training whether they are puppies or older dogs with a problem.

Owners benefit greatly from training classes, as well as they hope to teach owners to look at things from a dog’s way of seeing the world the way a puppy does.

A class offers a convenient way to practice various exercises with your dog around distractions and allows you to meet other dog owners and compare notes and stories, especially those with the same breed.

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