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Advice for Fireworks night (5th November) and Halloween Both you and your dog can enjoy yourself at this time of year….but be aware of the real and hidden dangers that Halloween and the 5th November can bring.

This time of year can be really stressful for some dogs especially for dogs who can be a little nervous or are anxious at the sound of loud noises. Traditionally at this time of year we associate fireworks as the main thing that can upset our dogs but there are other situations that can prove stressful for them. Below are a few tips that should help in certain situations.

Fireworks Night Look at it from the dogs point of view (or even some humans). Everything is normal and then suddenly there

are loud bangs and flashes of bright lights all around you. Whatever you try the noise does not stop and you can’t get away from it. What do you do?

The most important thing for an owner to is to think ahead on how their dog will behave in certain situations and be ready to help their dogs.

• There are CDs available with noises of fireworks. The dog can be gradually introduced at a low sound until it is used to the noise.

•  Remedies and medications are available. These include medication from your vet, herbal remedy or there are some ‘plug ins available. (These are not cures but may help to alleviate some of the stress your dog may feel.

•  Create a safe and comfortable environment in your home where you can comfort your dog if they need it. Even consider in it’s cage covered with a blanket.

Halloween At this time of year you may well have visitors for ‘trick or treat’.  It can be frightening and scary when the front door is opened and children are standing there in fancy dress and suddenly start to shout and sing. This can be confusing even for the calmest dog.

When you start handing out treats to the children if a dog is confused or frightened, it may run into the house or run out the house passed the children, bark at them or even nip them. This may result in confused and frightened children or create a situation where no one is quite sure what is going on, or what happens next.

Two ways of dealing with these problems when the doorbell rings are

•Put your dog on the lead before opening the door. You will still have control over your dog and in the event of fireworks or any strange noises your dog will not be able to run away.

•Put your dog in another room with the door closed. This way the dog will not be frightened by what is at the door and you will know where he is. He is your dog and only you will know the best and safest way for your dog.

Treats Make sure any treats for the children are well out the way of your dog so they can’t get them.  


Costumes and Decorations: Puppies just love anything that just hangs and anything they should not have.

Be careful they don’t chew or eat anything that is at the same height as them. Any small decoration can be chewed or swallowed, this may result in them choking or even needing an operation to have what they just have swallowed , removed.

Keep your dog away from candles as they can burn or be knocked over and start a fire. If you dress up your dog you must watch him all the time in case he tries to chew or eat any of it, or it may even get caught on something and this can cause him or yourself to panic.


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